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Nowadays, it is not possible to anyone to be completely isolated from the evolution of the world and events around when someone wants to learn more and deepen himself further. So the communication with the outside world is truly valuable for human development.

Considering the value and the price of the communication, the CNA deliberately has decided to offer free internet to the public. This will be a widely meaningful way, thereby enabling the public in general and the students in Dili that usually enjoyed free access to the internet, to establish a network of qualified and effective communication according to their own needs and tasks.

We do really care about the situation of all of the students, because as integral part of the new Timorese generation, obviously, they are required to have extensive knowledge and the ability to sort and evaluate properly everything related to communications, without being slaves or disrespect themselves for not being intelligent or smart enough to use any available communication means, in particular the internet. But how can a student improve his own capability if there is not sufficient and adequate access to the internet simply because the price of the internet packages is too high while the quality is low?

Based on our intention to improve the quality of the students in the field of communication and on the other hand having in mind the high cost of the internet, the CNA expects that this small initiative can motivate the students to use to the fullest and with responsibility this internet package.

We will take the opportunity to disseminate information about the latest and most relevant activities of the CNA during the national development process. The CNA has being playing a key role directly related to the bidding process in our country. Such a big and heavy role may raise suspicion moreover there is no clear and correct information about the whole process that we are running. Taking into account the high value and the price of communications as outlined before, we hope to spell  any  suspicion and negative thoughts towards us by creating good communications between us and those who use the internet for free so they can follow and monitor in transparent and professional manner the CNA’s activities. We hope that you will be willing to disseminate this information to the public because we believe that you will use this communication tool to talk openly about correct issues related to our duty and responsibility.


Finally, the service is available on:

Monday to Friday at 18:00 – 24:00

Saturday and Sunday is available for 24 hours


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