Bid Submission for the Project "Construction of the Baucau Municipal Capital Water Supply And Sanitation System"

06-11-2023 12:42:16 news 0 Comments CNA helpdesk

Dili, 31 October 2023

The Minister of the Planning and Strategic Investment, H.E. Mr. Gastão Francisco de Sousa and the President of NPC, Mr. Hermingardo Albano Soares, took part in the process of bid submission for the project “Construction of the Baucau Municipal Capital Water Supply And Sanitation System with the project number TENDER/025/BTL-2023at the National Procurement Commission (NPC) meeting room.

The process of bid opening for this project was led by Mr. Rana Latif, as NPC’s International Procurement Advisor along with the participation of the Project owner “BTL EP”.

There were 7 interested bidders who submitted their documents and attended the said meeting.