Employment Opportunities

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I. JOB TITLE: Procurement Officer (National Officer - 10 posts) - Terms of Reference

II. JOB TITLE: Junior Procurement Officer (National Junior Officer – 6 posts) - Terms of Reference


III. Application procedure

Please visit our website at www.cna.gov.tl  and go to ‘Employment Opportunities’ to learn about our recruitment process and your application requirements including how to address your application. 

Applications need to be addressed to the CNA of Human Resources, at email address, jobs@cna.gov.tl , no later than 17:00 hours Timor-Leste time on Friday, 20th May 2022. 

Applications should include (a) a covering letter (b) a detailed resume of no more than 6 pages and (c) response to the selection criteria. (d) copy of original academic certificate and relevant course certificate. (e). Citizen Card and (f) Criminal Record.


All applicants must answer clearly the selection criteria, that can be found at http://www.cna.gov.tl/en/employment-opportunities/delineating how they have met the requirements. We do not expect that you would just cut and paste from your resume but rather explain concisely and succinctly how you have met these competences, possibly providing brief examples etc. 


Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Subject to Criminal Record Check.


Hermingardo A. Soares

Director of CNA