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Comissão Nacional de Aprovisionamento (National Procurement Commission) or NPC was established on the 30 of March 2011 by Decree-Law 14/2011. NPC"s mandate sought to provide procurement services to the line ministries and other public entities in major infrastructure projects and achieve proper transparency for the State procurement process.

The NPC is tasked to:

  1. Carry out procurement procedures worth at least 1,000,000;
  2. Provide technical assistance and advisory to procurement procedures;
  3. Collaborate with the National Development Agency (ADN), the Major Projects Secretariat (MPS), Ministries and other public entities according to the Law; and
  4. Such other tasks as may be provided by Law (e.g. Projects funded by International entities such as: ADB, WorldBank, Jica, European Union, China Exim Bank...)

The NPC handles the procurement of contracts funded by the government’s Infrastructure Fund regardless of the amount. In the exercise of its functions and tasks, the NPC implements Decree Law 10/2005 Procurement Legal Regime and amendments thereto. This Decree Law established the rules for budget execution in the acquisition of goods, services or construction of civil works intended towards the requirements of direct or indirect entities of the Government.

Given the country’s accelerating economic growth, enhanced capacities of Ministries to implement projects, the need to build-up the capabilities of local contractors and the desire to decentralize the procurement process, revisions/amendments to Decree Law 10/2005 were introduced as summarized in Box 1.

CNA Decree-Law 14/2011