Bid Submission for TENDER/021/MOP-2023

10-11-2023 09:00:54 news 0 Comments CNA helpdesk

Díli, 08th of November 2023

The National Procurement Commission President, Mr. Hermingardo Albano Soares, along with the official Technical Representative from Public Works, took part in the process of bid submission for the Project of Road Rehabilitation of Manatuto Municipality, Soibada to Soibada Town - reference number Tender/021/MOP-2023. The bid submission for the said project took place at the National Procurement Commission (NPC) meeting room and Mr. Hermenegildo Fernandes, as a National Procurement Officer, led the implementation of the bid submission process.  

The Ministry Public Works is the project owner and the tender procedure will be based on the Legal Regime for Procurement, Public contracts and its Infractions, approved by the Decree –Law n. º22/2022 from 11th of May.