The creation of the CNA website is intended to widen the availability of procurement information as the Commission strives towards the development of a modern, transparent, and competitive procurement implementation process. It seeks to allow the participation of as many interested parties as possible, particularly Timorese, to ensure value for money on all bids and, thus, to prove the integrity of the Commission in the eyes of all concerned parties.

By optimizing the use of the country’s financial resources through competitive bidding procedures, the government is able to implement more development projects towards the achievement of sustainable development for the Timorese people.   

This website provides up-to-date information on CNA activities including tender announcements, status of on-going procurement procedures and information on training schedules and seminar-workshops that will be conducted by CNA for specific types of clients - as part of CNA’s capacity development mandate on procurement.  Further enhancements to this website, should enable CNA to gradually move towards e-procurement, further enabling more bidders to participate, reducing the cost of participation and ensuring the transparency and competitiveness of tenders.


My warmest regards to all,


Hermingardo Albano Soares
Executive Director, CNA